Wallet II

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Latest wallet - hand-dyed kangaroo leather, stitched by hand with parachute grade thread.

Slim bifold design with hidden coin pocket

  1. Hi, I like the ‘roo wallet – what is your price there? Thanks for your time, and nice work.

    Mike in N.Y.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Wallets currently go for about $110AU. We are currently working on a new wallet design that will be launched later this week. Stay tuned.



  3. Hi and thanks for the reply – will you post the new ‘roo wallets, or have you done so?

    Would like to get in the queue for one.


  4. Hi James / Theo – thanks for the new wallet! I got it on Tuesday, so have been using it for the last couple of days.

    Great solution with the hidden key flap – I thought it was a very nifty idea.

    At the moment, the wallet is quite tight, though I assume it will stretch out somewhat over time. Currently the notes stick out a tiny bit from the wallet. (Even though it has the same dimensions as my former one, I noticed the stitching in my new wallet is a little further from the edges, so the space for notes is a fraction less).

    Other than that, I love the design, and the flap that goes over the multi card holder works well.

    Thanks again,

  5. Hi

    Is it possible to have a custom design made?

    I’m after a single fold wallet with 3 card slots on either side, no note pocket but a money clip down the fold



  6. hi how much for wallets,

  7. Our Kangaroo Leather Wallets are $150 if you come and see us at Captains of Industry!