The First Pair

Posted by on December 26, 2009 in Words | Comments Off on The First Pair

The first pair of J.S. Roberts handcrafted shoes went to sale over the weekend at the open studio sales in Carlow House. Unfortunately they didn’t sell. I wasn’t sure I would have anything ready in time so my name and product didn’t get on the advertising ticket. I will put a picture of them up shortly. If you are interested in them, drop me a line.

This space will be used to showcase new designs as they come to life. Only a small batch of each design will be made, 3 or 4 pairs. So if you see something you like please organise a time with me to drop by the studio and try them on.

I will be making mens and womens shoes in various original designs for the next few months. At the moment I am not taking custom orders from people as I am still honing my skills and developing my toolset.

You can contact me here.