We have been committed to making long lasting products from beautiful materials from day one. We strive to source local materials but do have some suppliers in Europe and the US. We believe simple design is best and wouldn’t encourage you to purchase our products unless you intend to use them for a lifetime.

Veg-tan leather means leather that has been tanned with natural vegetable matter like barks and manures in the tradition that goes back to the beginning of human existence. Most modern leathers are made simply by soaking in chromium chemical. Roberts & Hassett exclusively use veg-tanned leather with the environment in mind and for it’s beautiful ageing characteristics.


Our belts are hand dyed and finished from the finest Scandinavian cow hides. Did you know that cows from cold climates produce stronger leather? It has a denser fibre structure and beautiful grain and that’s why we use it. Our buckles are all solid brass and should outlast you. We will make your belt to order so please let us know your pant size, or measure an old belt from buckle to hole when you order.


Our leather satchels are made from one big piece of Victorian cow hide and two gussets. This is to reduce the amount of seams and boost longevity. The leather is beautifully tanned with the bark from our native black wattle trees giving it a lovely aroma and feel that will wear beautifully and get better with age. 


Our wallets are all made exclusively with Australian kangaroo leather. Like our bags, our design focus is to reduce the amount of seams which are the first things likely to wear down with time. Our Bi-fold wallet is made from one piece or leather folded up and holds many hidden features. Our card holders are a smaller affair for those who like to travel light.


We currently offer a bespoke service at our Melbourne studio. Consultation is available by appointment and options are limitless. 

A ready-to-wear range of boots and shoes will be available at both locations around the middle of 2017.