Potential Holiday

Posted by on December 30, 2010 in Words |

In the prospect of taking a little holiday sometime next year I’m putting a hold on any new orders until I can get the waiting list down to a manageable number. I can’t say exactly how long this might be. I’m also hoping the little extra time I might gather during this period I can put into some new designs for both shoes and leathergoods that have been on the back burner for awhile.

Here is the latest pair, some black derbys. The brief was to keep them light. They have a canvas lining through the vamp, and the lightest leather insole and soles I could get my hands on. The stacked leather heel is the only real weighty part but I couldn’t bear to make it rubber.

They are hand welted to the insole and sole however the heel is pegged in and there are pegs through the shank. I have noticed on one of my shoes that the shank has actually slipped so these pegs are actually quite important. Finally, the shoe is quite flat but as I was a little concerned about the shoe being a tad large for the client this – and the flesh side of the leather used around the heel lining – will hopefully keep the foot in place and comfortable.

Just on comfort there is a layer of cork between the insole and the sole and also some in the heel and under the sock of the shoe. I think I will keep doing this as it means the shoes have an element of comfort right from the first wear and don’t take weeks to break in as some of my previous shoes have.

  1. Nice work Dr Roberts! You seem to have quite a productive flow going on now – seems like a good idea to work on that backlog instead of racking up a 12 year waiting list.
    It’d make you sound popular, but the crowds will get restless!
    My workbench is no doubt covered in cobwebs due to my 3+ week no-shoemaking-working-on-computers hiatus, but seeing these has me all motivated again to pull the ol’ finger out.