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This pair of boots is different to our usual work and is a prototype for an upcoming project. It is an unlined boot made from very thick cow hide. The rand, sole & heel are pegged down with wooden pegs instead of being stitched together. All this means that the boots were constructed in 2-3 days instead of the usual 5-6. server hosting info I am currently wearing them daily to find out how well they will hold together.

Unlined Boots

Unlined Boots

Unlined Boots

Unlined Boots

  1. This experiment of yours…these divine boots. Do you perchance think you might experiment making a pair for a lass?
    They are beautiful : )
    As is the cafe. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous space.
    Kate : )

  2. I have been looking for a set of boots very much like the experimental boot. I dislike pointed footwear and have a broad foot and prefer a rounded toe. I had a similar set of boots years ago and replaced the soles 3 times but finally lost them when my feet grew another size and a half.

  3. Hi Douglas, we are more than happy to recreate your old boots for your current sized feet. Please drop by the studio at Captains of Industry for a consultation.


  4. These boots are wonderful. how did the experiment go and are they for sale?

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