The Bespoke Process



Owning a pair of Roberts & Hassett bespoke shoes can involve several visitations;

  • During the initial consultation we will take up to 10 different measurements of your feet and legs and help you choose a last* shape that will work with your feet and desired style of footwear. This last is adjusted precisely to the shape of your foot for a perfect bespoke fit.

    * Lasts are the moulds shoemakers construct around and dictate the shape of the footwear.

  • We will use any inspiration you can give us to create a design unique only to you and help you choose appropriate leathers.
  • A sample shoe will then be constructed for you to try on at the second meeting where the final details on style and fit are determined.
  • Any final adjustments are then made to the last and pattern and we construct your shoes entirely by hand in our Melbourne studio.
    A second sample shoe will be constructed if necessary at this point.
  • A final fitting of the finished shoes is needed to fit any arch support before polishing and delivering your shoes to you.

Nb: While we prefer customers who can visit us for all these consultations we can adjust our procedure for our out of town clients.
Please let us know if you have any special requests.