James Roberts & Theo Hassett create the finest, truly bespoke leather footwear one can buy in Australia.


From our studio at Captains of Industry Gentlemans Outfitters we passionately continue the true craft of completely handmade footwear using skills acquired from the different schools of shoemaking and design around the world. Any style is available from loafers to riding boots, for all genders, ages, foot shapes and sizes.

We insist on using the finest leathers available for which we find our local kangaroo exceptionally good! But we can source any leather from around the world.

A pair of bespoke shoes by Roberts & Hassett start at $2000au.

Oak bark tanned leather soles, insoles and welts allow Roberts & Hassett to construct your bespoke footwear using traditional shoemaking techniques, centuries old, and guaranteed to stand the test of time.
Our shoes are all hand-welted with hand-spun linen threads, hand-stitched outsoles and stacked leather heels secured with birch pegs.

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