1. Do you have a list of styles and prices from which to choose? How does one get on the list for a purchase?


  2. Hi Marcus,

    If you are in Melbourne you should drop by our studio at Captains of Industry – Level 1, 2 Somerset Place in the CBD. We don’t have a list of styles, we work with the client to make the shoes or boots that they want. Every pair is individual and prices vary accordingly.



  3. Hi James,

    I am the lady who wanted the Navy knee high boots. Is the list on your website from 2010 orders and my boots may still be at least 6 months away.

  4. Nice stuff!



  5. Hi Julie,

    This list on the website is old yes. I haven’t updated it in awhile. I’ll send you an email now about getting a sample fitting done for your boots.


  6. Hello,

    How long- On average- does it take for you to make a pair of shoes? I’m thinking of organizing a pair for my boyfriend’s birthday, which is in mid October, and wanted to know if I had time.



  7. Hi Tilly,

    It takes a few weeks for each pair of shoes/boots we make, however there is a fitting process that can take some time also before this.
    At the moment also have about a 5 month waiting list so October is not going to be possible I’m afraid.
    Perhaps you could bring Him in on his birthday to get measured up and in the que…
    Hope this helps.


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