Shoe Show

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My latest two pairs of shoes have for the last week been part of an exhibition at Craft Victoria entiltled Shoe Show. There are six shoemakers in total exhibiting and I feel very honoured to be included. The exhibition is on till late November.


Fawn Oxfords 'xo'


Chocolate Derby 'Kate'

I’m obviously not a photographer so I encourage you to go see them for yourself.

The first pair is a fawn coloured oxford with all leather uppers, lining, stacked heels, stiffeners and soles. It also has the ‘xo’ detailing burnt into the leather with a soldering iron.

The second pair is a single eyelet derby in chocolate. It also has all leather uppers, lining, stacked heels, stiffeners and soles.

Both these shoes are handcoloured and have a 3/4 handstiched welt.

I am currently taking orders for these two styles. There a few different colours available and some other options aslo. I will only be making a few pairs of each however. Please feel free to contact me and arrange a time to drop by my studio and get measured up.

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  1. Mad Skills! Now I know what you mean about the 2+ hours of welt stitching… its a killer. Love the colours, and if i was a dapper gent I’d certainly want to be seen about town in a pair of these.

    Taking orders? Well done ol’ chap. Youre a shoe maker for real now.